Risk Matrix

Target group: The training is intended for the personnel who is going to be involved in the implementation of the HIRA element. In particular:

  • HSE Officers and persons in the role of HSE Advisors in Projects
  • Line Managers

Purpose of training: Education on the corporate procedure for hazard identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) in Workplaces, Processes, Projects.

Training objectives: Trainees should be educated on the principles of the Hazard identification and on the principles for Quantified Risk Assessment. The training will include hands-on experience on HAZID, Bow-tie, FMECA. After this training they should be able to:

  • Understand the need and principles for the HIRA process.

  • Obtain positive attitude toward the HIRA activities in their activities.

  • Understand the specific NIS procedure for HIRA

  • Understand the roles and duties of the stakeholders in HIRA procedure, specifically about the specialists needed.